Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I adore my boy/In Yuma this weekend (10th-12th)

Tonight, my boy and I were texting back and forth, lamenting the fact that our schedules tonight were not conducive to some kinky fun together.  As usual, it devolved into teasing and tormenting over the phone. 

I told him to take a camera, and to video record playing with himself, and send it to me. He asked if I wanted him to send include his new HUGE dildo  that he just bought for himself. I said "Of course".  So, shortly thereafter, my boy sent me a video of him jerking off and backing into a rather large rubber cock that he had suctioned to a wall.  

Hearing him say my name while doing this all for me was absolutely beyond hot.  

I've always loved watching a man masturbate. At the risk of sounding like a total peeping tomstress, I'd love to watch a man who doesn't know he's being watched.  

But, I'm so hellbent on the consensuality issue, it'll probably never happen.  Oh well. It's not like I don't get enough fun in other ways. 

I'll be in Yuma this weekend, spending some much needed time with my parents.  I haven't been up (down?)there in awhile, so they're going kinda crazy in preparations.  My dad painted the room I'll be sleeping in so it would be pretty for my visit, and my mom already has our massage & pedicure appointments booked for Friday evening, and dinner reservations for Saturday night, and a huge stack of presents for me on the formal dining table (some from my birthday, and a lot just because).  She always goes overboard and does way too much. 

Speaking of my mom, she tried to have a literary discussion with me about "50 Shades of Grey".  I almost tossed my cookies when she asked if I could relate to the character of Christian Grey, even though he was a man. My mom and I are tight, but DAMN! I don't even want to think about my mom reading that book and thinking of me in the same light. Sheesh!  I know she's just doing it to try to relate to me, but still.  

Oh, and my only complaint about my boys video was that he has chopped off all his hair since the last time I saw him.  Not good. He had the most beautiful deep brown, thick, soft hair, and I adored running my fingers through it and playing with it and pulling him around by it.  He is in SO much trouble now. I told him he might want to start getting nervous, because he wont be able to sit down without thinking of me for about a week after he visits me next. 

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