Saturday, July 21, 2012

A great session with 2 terrific men

Originally posted 3-7-2012

Master Max and I got together this evening to spend time with an old friend of mine, M.  He's a gentleman who's been seeing me for years, and I adore him SOOOOOO much.  It was M.'s  first time meeting Max, and as usual, Max did not disappoint. 

M. loves to perform for me by pleasing other men, and he does it so well.  Max and I stayed much longer than we were scheduled to, but the time flew by and all 3 of us lost track of it completely.  It was a head-spinningly good time, and I was such a lucky girl that I spent the evening with two such dashingly sexy male specimens.    For awhile, we drank champagne and chatted, then I told sub M. that he was wearing entirely too many clothes, and instructed him to take them all off.  I spanked M. and flogged him for awhile, then I showed him how to properly treat Master Max's quite superior cock, and watched while M. serviced Max.  Then, Max and I played together a bit while I made sub M. sit and watch, and then he and Max played some more.  Lots of orgasms were had, and I took a long, relaxing shower while sub M. and Max chatted and got dressed. 

It's 2 hours after the fact, and I still feel like I'm made of rubber bands.  I am going to sleep VERY well tonight.  Enjoy  a couple pics I snapped.

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