Friday, July 20, 2012

Oh my!!

Originally posted 8-27-2011

What a wonderful time I had yesterday with Mistress Kiley!  She's amazing!  Any boys out there who haven't already sessioned with her, I highly recommend it.  She brought along some of her favorite toys and I showed her some of mine.  The end results being me with my breasts surgically stapled and corseted together, and her leaving to go home with a very nice, red bottom!!   I very much look forward to seeing her again, playing with her again, and sessioning with her.

 The staples are in,now it's time for the lacing

 I walked around like this for hours after Kiley went home.  It hurt, but in a really good way.
 Kiley's bottom after I flogged and paddled it. She is an absolute DREAM to play with.

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