Saturday, July 21, 2012

I got to grow today

Originally posted 3-29-2012

Today was ultra nice.  Busy, but nice.  Had to get the house situated some more and ready for a buddy of mine who's moving in on Sunday, and got to have dinner with a new friend this evening.   She doesn't live too close to me but she was going to be in town anyway to buy some kinky toys, so we did dinner. 

The last session I did today was one like I had never had before.  For now I'll keep the details to myself since I was in such a floaty headspace that I forgot to ask him before he left if I could blog about it.  Suffice to say, it challenged me to be creative in ways I had never had to before.  I had to rethink the entire way I did things, and the mental stimulation from that alone made it a session to remember.  The icing on the cake was that he was more fun than a barrel of  kinksters floating in J-Lube.  I kept him here longer than was scheduled, but we were both having such an enjoyable time that I don't think either of us minded.  It's not often that someone presents me with a situation during sessions that I've never come up against before,   and when that someone can stimulate my intellect as well as my libido, it's a beautiful thing.

Mistress Kiley is FINALLY getting her ass ( as well as the rest of her sexy self) over to my playspace again this friday, so don't forget to be nice to yourself this week and indulge in some decadence and some bad girl action over here.

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