Friday, July 20, 2012

More Sybian adventures

Originally posted on 9-12-2011

Remember how I said my friend J. left his Sybian machine over at my place for the weekend? Well, I really didn't think I'd use it, but...I was trying to go to sleep tonight, and I was restless and figured an orgasm might help.  I started to rub one out in my usual way when I remembered the Sybian in the playroom.  I figured "What the hell?" and went in to use it.
Normally when I'm by myself it's all about clitoral stimulation. I don't usually insert anything into my vagina.  My ass, yes, occasionally.  So, I set up the Sybian with the "no insertable" attachment, and then thought about it for a second, and fagain figured "What the hell?" and switched it out for the really thick penis attachment.  So, I situate myself down onto the cock and I almost took it off because it was too big, but I gave my pussy a few minutes to stretch, and I figured it would be ok.  I turned on the "rotation" and I could feel the cock start to rotate inside me.  Mmmmm.  Nice.  I slowly turned on the vibration and let my mind wander.
To make a long story at least a little bit shorter, I'll say that I only came a couple times, but the second one....HOLY FUCK.  I have never in my life screamed from an orgasm.  Until tonight.  A long, high-pitched scream.  I turned the power off immediately because the strength of the orgasm made everything so tender that within a second it went from "ohfuckohfuckogoddamnmitohfuckfuckfuckgoddammitgoddammit" to "ouch!ouch!ouch!ouch!ouch!ouch!".  

 I sat there for a moment, and since no one was there to lift me off, I braced my hands on the wall, sort of lifted myself and then just kind of fell sideways and laid there for a few minutes.  I could tell during the 2nd orgasm by the way I was twitching and contracting that I squirted (the wetness down my thighs was another indicator).  So, I looked at the Sybian and started laughing, because I made a MESS.  Thought I'd share a couple pics with you, if you don't mind.

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