Saturday, July 21, 2012

At the drag bar

Originally posted 12-7-2011

God, I had fun tonight!~

Went with a friend up to Cruisin' 7th to see their drag show.  Too much fun!!  Another friend of mine, Mistress Francesca met us up there. Francesca is the TS Mistress that I do double sessions with. Anyway, it was a perfectly fun and relaxing evening.  Lots of beautiful people around, and I couldn't stop having a blast if I had tried.  The show was hysterical, as usual, lots of talent and humor up on the stage. 

I did a bunch of Jello shots, in a rainbow of different colors and flavors.  Way strong, and I figured if they came up later, at least it would be pretty..

One persistent little man kept hanging around me, asking me to come home with him.  Then, when I politely told him no (repeatedly), he changed his tactic and then asked if he could come home with me.  Hey, gotta give him an A for effort.  My only concern was that he thought I was a performer, LOL.  If so....damn!! I don't know if it would be a compliment or not. 

Another guy was sitting 2 seats down the bar from me.  Let me describe the setting.  If I sat directly facing the bar, the stage where the show was taking place was to my left.  This guy was 2 seats down on my left.  Basically, right in my line of sight as I sat sideways on my stool and watched the show. He had to be 70 years old if he was a day.  And just a-STARING!  Not even trying to be surrepticious about it.  He watched the first man keep trying to end up going home with me, and chuckled when the guy finally gave up and walked away.  At that point, Mr. 2-Seats-Down decides to make his move.  I was wearing a black cocktail dress, cleavage showing (did you expect anything less from me?), and he tells me "Well, I can't blame him for trying."  I smiled at him, but didn't encourage a conversation.  Unfortunately, I had to look pretty much directly at him to see the stage.  He stared another 30 seconds or so and said "I can't help but admire your uh..physicality." as he gestures to my chest.  Wow. What is it about boobs that make a man's manners go out the window?  Maybe it was the setting. I really don't see this happening at a grocery store.  Anyway, I didn't say anything or get angry cuz, hey, I'm at a bar and my rack is on display, so I really shouldn't expect anything else, and I know it.  But then, he said "I'd love to play with those for awhile", again gesturing at my breasts.  Ok, I had to say something.  It was just getting annoying.  So, I pulled one of my business cards out of my wallet sitting on the bar, smiled sweetly, slid it down to him and said "For $180 an hour, you can."  I waited for a seriously negative reaction, but he just laughed and said "I appreciate your straight-forwardness."  Then he got his drink, and walked away.  After putting my card in his wallet. 

The show was great, the company even better, and since it had been awhile since I'd had a real night out, it was big fun.  And to make things even more interesting, sometime between 1 and 2am,  I became the gleeful and surprised owner of a 7ft inflatable Santa Claus when someone presented it to me as a gift. I'm not sure why. Perhaps I just looked like I needed one.    

What can I say? Welcome to  mi vida loca.

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