Saturday, July 21, 2012

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Originally posted 4-25-2012

Ok, this week was a whirlwind. Friday the 20th was my private party that I threw at my house. There were about 40 or so people there throughout the night. All good friends of mine, with a lucky client that I know and love that I wanted to come to he could see a kink party. I think he enjoyed it, and I know I was thrilled that he came, and that he stayed for quite awhile.
At the party we had the requisite fire-cupping (I'm gonna have to start keeping a dance card because everyone wants me to do that to them now), spanking, bondage, suspensions, fire-play, needle play, breath play, you name it. And there were people from every age group and orientation there, as well. It was a very well-rounded crowd, and I count myself lucky that I know so many wonderful people who enjoy coming to my home and sharing the terrific energy that presents itself at my gatherings.

Let's see... how about some details....

I think the highlight of the night was assisting with my first really serious breathplay scene ever. I've done breathplay before, and I find it to be big fun, but it's usually just done with my hand over someone's nose and mouth. The couple that I played with have been together for awhile, and he's the Master, she's his slave. They do breathplay involving bags over the head, latex hoods that suction themselves to the face restricting everything. It can be scary to watch, but it's also fascinating to see the mechanics (both mental and physical) that go into creating such a scene. The scene lasted about an hour and a half, and it involved her getting duct taped and shrinkwrapped to my St. Andrew's Cross, me playing with her pussy while he played with her up top by taking away her air for periods of time. And then we switched things around and she was bent over sucking his cock while I inserted a few fingers into her pussy to rub her g-spot. It culminated in him fucking her while I held the hood over her head until I got the signal from him to let her breathe. He never took her far enough to pass out, or anything like that. Just until she started struggling bigtime. And the more we restricted her air, the wetter she got. And, plus, I usually find it rather hot when people are fucking in front of me. Who wouldn't? I'm pleased and honored that they allowed me to take part in such an intimate session. I had asked him to demonstrate some breathplay for me in the past, because I'd like to learn how to safely delve deeper into this kink, and there aren't many around that I trust to lead me through such a dangerous kink.

Saturday night, I went to the FemDomme Society party. I went with my date, Bobbie, a T-girl visiting from out of state. I met her at the last FDS party, and she's a riot. I had such a fantastic time with her. She contacted me a month and a half ago, and I asked her to be my date for the party. She did me the honor of accepting and thanks to her, I had a wonderful time. She arrived to pick me up dressed in a Catholic schoolgirl outfit, complete with a much-too short mini skirt, thigh high white stockings, lacy pink anklet socks, and wore black patent leather Mary Jane shoes. She looked darling! After we mingled for a bit, and I met some of the hostess Domme's, Bobbie and I decided to play. We went to the back room, and we did some flogging, and whipping, and some electricity play. It's fun zapping someone lightly with a cattle prod!! Our scene lasted over an hour, close to 90 minutes, and we were both flying and giggly. It's rare that I get to really flog and whip someone, and take my time doing it. I love long, slow warm-ups. Bobbie and I agreed that no one really "dances" anymore during scenes. By "dance", we mean to lose themselves in the rhythm, to take it slow, to find yourself becoming part of an almost liquid grace of movement, where there are no pauses, no jerky motions, just a constant ebb and flow of motion and sensation. I know, sounds silly, but it's one of those things that you either understand, or you don't (at least not yet).
I met a beautiful young man at the party, and we exchanged contact information and he was already texting me at 9am the next morning. He's a bit young for me, but a total darling. He is so eager to explore this lifestyle and community, but doesn't know where to start. I admire him for taking the first big leap of attending a party where he didn't know what to expect and didn't know anyone. I'm a member of quite a few local lifestyle organizations, so I told him I would take him with me and introduce him around. It was so sweet, in one of his text messages to me, he said "I wish I could meet someone like you." I replied: "I think you already did, dear."

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