Saturday, July 21, 2012

Paddle Boy and My Marine

Originally posted 6-2-12

So, Paddle Boy (the sweet man who makes the fantastic "warminstix" that grace almost every collections of toys owned by the fabulous professional kinksters in the valley) is making me a big piece of equipment now.  I mentioned in passing during a playtime a piece of kink furniture that I could use, and he asked me to draw up a sketch or find a picture of one I like and show it to him. I found one similar to the idea in my mind, and showed it to him. He asked if there were any mod's I would make if I could, and I told him there were, and so....he's making it for me.  Wow. 
I'm so excited!!  I cannot wait to see it sitting in my playroom, and I especially can't wait to use it.
In the meantime, my guy has gone fishing for the day, and so while the cat's away...
this kinky girl will play!

First order of the evening is My Marine is coming over.  He started out as a client, but was so much fun that I wanted to see him a lot more often than most anyone's finances would allow.  So...I took him on as a personal play partner, which is even more fun because there isn't that pro formality that I feel the need to hold on to at times.  He is sexy, funny, laid-back, and willing to take pretty much anything that I dish out to him, whether it's whips, chains, needles, electricity, hoods, gags or whatever.  When I tell him what I have planned for him, it's always one of two responses "Ok, Mistress", or "Ok, babe. Whatever you say."  Now, all you boys who read this, imagine how it would feel  to have a traffic-stopping-ly attractive woman look at you adoringly after you run down the list of depravities and nastiness that you plan on subjecting her to, and she just looks at you with a happy smile and says "Whatever you want."  At that moment, there are few things better than that.

And, it doesn't hurt that he is probably one of the most physically beautiful men on the planet.  Why this man isn't on a model runway or the silver screen is beyond me.  He's been a fixture in my life for almost 2 years.  He's been a sounding board, a submissive, a handyman once or twice, and cherished play partner and chew toy to me.  When my sessions all start looking the same, he's who I call to inject some life and some passion back into the soul of my kink and to remind me how lucky I am to have a taste for the broader spectrum of sexuality that is S & M. 
See ya later, folks.  I get to go play now.

 Hugs and spanks...

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