Thursday, July 19, 2012

A televised (well, cam'd) session

Originally posted 2-24-2011

Let's see, on Monday, I had a session unlike any other I'd ever had.  One of my favorite boys,  slave kincaid came over, and since I play music through my computer during sessions, my computer was of course, up and running. One of my online boys who lives /works really close to me IM'd me asking how I was doing.  I got a bright idea, and asked slave kincaid if he wanted to put on a show.  He said as long as his face was covered, sure!  The gentleman who IM'd me was also happy to watch, so I turned my webcam on, and through the magic of Skype, kincaid and I put on a very hot show for a very lucky boy.  While being watched, I paddled kincaid, flogged him, whipped and spanked him, did some breast worship, tease & denial, then I got out my cigarettes and we had some smoking fetish fun, all of it culminating in a long golden shower as I stood over kincaid.  It was SO different doing this when someone other than say, Mistress Samantha or slave rachel was watching.  I figured it would be good practice for when I start doing videos.  God, it was FUN!!!!!!

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