Thursday, July 19, 2012

Beyond hot with Mistress Samantha

Originally posted 12-8-2010

Had one of the hottest Double Domme sessions ever today with Mistress Samantha.     The boy wanted Bondage, and CBT, and beyond that, pretty much anything our kinky little hearts desired.  So we added some tease and denial and bisexual play into the mix.  Yep.  This boy got to watch some very interesting things today.  And, then we got a bag of frozen cranberries and a big glass of ice water to spice things up.

We teased and taunted him, and I got to unleash the total sadist in me by whipping his balls and cock with a dragon tail and a few other items.  He loves big breasts, so breast worship was also on the menu for today.  Halfway thru the session, Samantha leaned over and kissed me, a long, deep kiss, and the poor boy watched and started moaning, and his cock started twitching and leaking.  Two points for Samantha and Storm!!  A bit later, Samantha asked if I had a strap-on.  Of course I do, so I handed her one, and she put a dildo in it, slipped a condom over the dildo, turned to me and said "Fuck me."  She didn't have to tell me twice.  We got in front of our poor, restrained subby, sideways so he could see the whole thing, while I bent her over and fucked her.  FUN FUN FUN!!!  I'm surprised the subby didn't come right then and there.

After that, we made him come with a really harsh, prostate massage/handy combo, and he had requested that once he gets limp, that we push his cock kind of back down into his body, and use clothespins to trap his penis there.  That didn't work because the boy had a big dick, so, we trapped his cock beneath the skin of his balls, and then shrinkwrapped it like that.  That worked.  After more torture, of the painful and pleasurable kind, he got to come again.  And both times, since he requested it, we force-fed him his own cum.
Yeah.  A great session.  Pics to come!!

Samantha and I will be doing more sessions together now, so if you've ever seen us, or seen us both, you know what a treat it is.

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