Thursday, July 19, 2012


Originally posted 2-17-2011

What a night!!! Sessioned again with C., who is fast becoming a fave play partner.  Sweet, funny, bright, up for anything, sensual as all git-out, and is truly adept at making me feel adored.  What are the things that make you a favorite?  Respect for me and for yourselves (I might abuse and humiliate you, but I never want you to lose sight of the fact that you mean something to me), sensuality, knows how to treat a lady, smart (the stimulating conversation I get from these guys is almost as terrific as the playtimes), no bullshit, funny (if you can make me laugh in a good way you're worth your weight in gold as far as I'm concerned), be experimental, have a  go-with-the-flow attitude, not be a clock watcher (remember, I'm having fun during these sessions, too!), be get the idea.

Anyway, C. came over again,  and it was phenomenal.  I love it when I can pick up a kink from a play partner.  Thanks to J., I found out how much I love vibrating inflatable butt plugs, thanks to H., I rediscovered a lost love of foot worship over a year ago, and thanks to C., I'm realizing how much I love butt/leg/foot worship while I'm wearing pantyhose.  I can't describe how good it feels when someone is running their hands and their tongue over the nylon.  The warmth and the heat and the moisture...truly amazing.

Another thing I love about C. is that he and I know each others boundaries, and connect on a very nice level, so he's not afraid to take the occasional small liberty. Let me stress-SMALL liberty, lest you boys out there get a little overexcited and do something too forward. What small liberties?  Well, when I was clad only in my pantyhose, and whatever I was wearing as a blouse, he was doing some pussy nuzzling/licking through the pantyhose, when all of a sudden, I feel his teeth start tearing at the fabric of the gusset.  I said "Aww, are you trying to bite through them to get at my naked pussy?" without missing a beat, I hear this muffled but emphatic "YEP!"  from between my legs.   All I could do was let loose with my trademark loud, bawdy laugh.  All my favorite kinky fuckers know EXACTLY which one I'm talking about.  The one that lets them know their Mistress is having the time of her life and enjoying every second of it.

I'm sorry, but...when someone is this special to me, I love it when they know what they want(namely, ME) and go after it.  There's just something about knowing a man is so impatient with need that he just absolutely  can't wait to get at you.  Feelings someone's passion for you is SUCH a strong aphrodisiac. When his teeth had torn holes, but weren't quite getting the job done fast enough to suit his tastes, I felt his fingers tearing at the fabric until it gave way.  YUM!!  A little while later, he did the same thing with the toes of the pantyhose when he wanted to suck on them.  Sheer bliss.  Not to mention that C. has this knack for making me cum so many times that my legs won't stop trembling and  I can barely move afterward.

I don't want their to be any confusion.  Does this mean that I'm a switch?  That if you seen me 5, 10, or 20 times that you can come in and throw me around and I'll love it?  Nope.  Not at all.  If you've seen me more than once, it's because I have fun with you and I like you.  It's just that there are the occasional boys who put out the kind of energy where I feel like letting down the "Domme" walls just a tad.  With C. the sessions are generally more fetish-focused than D/s focused.  But, I still love knowing I'm in charge ultimately.  That never goes away.

So, last week, I let a boy spank me a few times during ass worship, and tonight, I let a boy tear my clothes off with his teeth.  Oh boy.  Some would say that's not what a TRUE Dominatrix does.  Guess I'm gonna have to hand in my Domme ID card at the door.
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