Thursday, July 19, 2012

Keyholding & Chastity

Originally posted 11-18-2010

So, 2 weeks ago I became a keyholder for my boy.  He's locked into a cb-3000, and we're both loving it.  It's changing me in positive ways, bringing out even more of the Domme in me.  I've been playing games with him, and teasing him, and it's more fun and fulfilling than I could have hoped for.  He is(was) a daily jerker, so, I made him wait a week the first time.  He wasn't even in it for a day, when he was asking for a few minutes out of it just "to be comfortable".  I said no.  He comes over 2-3 times per week for cleaning, and even the first week he was in it, his submissiveness was magnified to the 10th degree, it seemed.  He was always submissive, polite and respectful, but now is even more so.  He got argumentative with me about something, so I made him wait an extra day that first week, so he went 8 days.  After I let him release (after much taunting and threatening to lock him back up w/o an orgasm), I told him this time, he would be in for 9 days.  He has 5 more to go, and he's doing fine. 

So, I've decided this keyholding thing is definitely working for me. 

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