Thursday, July 19, 2012

Time wasters & No-shows

Originally posted: 5-12-2010:

So, a few months ago, I figured out a way to cut down on some no-shows.  When I get a phone call from a prospective client with an out of state area code, I ask them if they are in town.  They usually say "yes".  When they do, I then ask if they are at a hotel, as usual, they say "Yes".  It is at that point that I ask them to hang up with me, and to call me back immediately from the phone in their hotel rooms.  They usually seem taken aback, but agree to it.  I simply explain to them that it's so that I know that they are definitely in town, and not just trying to waste my time.  95% of the time, THEY DON'T CALL BACK. 

 Tonight I had one of those.   He said no problem, hung up, and promptly called my roommate, who also happens to be a Professional Dominatrix.  I altered my voice a bit, and answered the phone for her(at her request).  He tried to set up an appointment with her/me.   I went back to my real voice, told him who I was and asked him why is he trying to waste someone's time?  He had an excuse.  He wasn't REALLY at his hotel yet. He was at a friend's, waiting for a cab to pick him up and take him to his hotel.  Hmmm.  Not what he told me on the first call.  I told him that deliberately time-wasting is rude.   He said he would call me back on my # from his hotel room and set up a definite appt.  I knew that was BS when I heard it.  I sent the other local pro ladies a text warning them about him.   One wrote back in a few minutes that yes,  he did indeed try to schedule with her as well.  So, he's 3 for 3.  I was feeling pissy, so I sent him another text that said "Now you're calling ________, as well?"    His response was: "is it against the law? sorry you sounded very demanding... be nice on the phone and then in person take it out on me!"

Why is it "demanding" to explain nicely to someone "Hey, I just don't like putting forth the energy and going through the motions of scheduling until I know you really , truly are in town and not just yanking my chain."??  I didn't ask for a deposit.  Just hang up one phone, and call me from another. If he's in a hotel room like he says, why is that even an issue?

I replied: "We're all pretty good at spotting timewasters like you. And you guys never fail to get all butthurt when you get called on it."

Is there anyone out there who can explain to me why(besides for obvious jerking off reasons) people do this? If you're the type of person who does this, I invite you to throw your 2 cents into the ring and explain what joy it is that you get out of doing stuff like that.  And, do you really think that the dommes in a city don't know each other???? Or ever compare notes on the wankers we all have to deal with???
Earlier today, I also had a gentleman call me and set up an appt.   I had seen him before, and when it's someone I've already played with, I'll bend the rules a bit.  He made a 3pm appointment with me at 2:15.  He only had to wait 45 minutes.  Normally I ask for 1-2hrs notice.  But, if someone pays me the compliment of multiple visits, I try to bend over backwards to accomodate them.  So, I drop what I'm doing, and rush to get ready, only to have him no call/no show.   I can kinda see why guys who have never seen us might pull a stunt like that, or not care enough to be considerate and cancel the appointment rather than just not show up.  But, someone that's seen a lady before, and had a nice time with her?  Do they not realize that it's most likely going to piss her off? And, that she might not want to schedule with him again?

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