Thursday, July 19, 2012

A few days off

Originally posted 10-5-2010

Wow. I took a few days off and my e-mail and phone and texts just blew up. But, never fear, I am back, and kinky as ever. I've missed all of you!!!

Anyway, I got a lot of private e-mails in response to the blog I posted, about my own cathartic flogging. Quite a few of you shared your experiences with me (I guess that's why they responded via e-mail as opposed to comments), and they all were heartfelt, and brought tears to my eyes. Sometimes, I guess, our journeys take us to some very dark places, and it getting through them requires us to be brave enough to venture even farther into the darkness before we can feel the light on our faces again. Thanks to all of you for opening yourselves up to me like that.

Things are going great for me, and playtimes are fun as ever. I just posted two ads on backpage about 30 minutes ago, and I've already gotten 3 calls, and 5 texts, mostly from regulars who were waiting for me to put in an appearance again. Thanks, boys!!! I love being loved!!

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