Thursday, July 19, 2012

Another happy newbie...

Originally posted 1-13-2011

So, Mistress Samantha and I saw someone tonight.  He was a first timer and very nervous, but, I think he enjoyed himself.  It was a 2 hour session and he tipped us huge when he left, so I think we did ok.  He was adorable and we both hope he comes back soon.

Yesterday, another previous subby boy came over. I hadn't seen him in a , year(he's a snowbird, I think) and we had an 8 1/2hr session.  Yep. 8 1/2 hrs.  For the most part, he hung around, and anytime I needed to pee, he was my toilet.  I drank GALLONS of iced tea and even broke my own rule of no alcohol before or during a session and had a beer.  My eyeballs were swimming when he left.

Tonight, after our session, Samantha and I and my boyfriend went to Casino AZ and had too much fun.  Miss Samantha was the big winner of the evening (that bitch always is) and when we finally left, they were playing "Kung Fu Fighting" over the speaker system.  My boyfriend started singing "All the dommes were strap-on fighting, they whipped asses fast as lightning..."  and dancing around to it.  Maybe you had to be there, but Sam and I thought it was hysterical.
For those interested, Mistress S. and I will be sessioning together again tomorrow(Thursday 1-13).  Looking forward to playing with you!!

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