Thursday, July 19, 2012


Originally posted 1-3-2011

So, I finally get a chance to sit down and spill some details about recent sessions.  This Mistress has had her hands full for the past few weeks, so, sorry for the lack of new details.  So, just thought I'd wax poetic about a couple recent sessions that stood out a bit from the others.
Sessioned with a new guy a few days ago, and it was beyond hot.  Once again, his energy was fabulous, and the chemistry was awesome.  He booked for an hour, but it was close to 2 1/2 hrs before I finally let him go home.  But, I think he was a willing prisoner.  There was bondage, T & D, I think some prostate play.  I say "I think" because in addition to making me come in a way that no one has ever been able to before(Thanks, C!), the whole session was such a turn on that it literally made my brain go foggy,hence, the hazy details.  I love those!

I saw someone that I had seen a few times before, and introduced him to the joys of prostate orgasms.  I am in love with that moment when I make someone orgasm for the first time without any touching of their cock.  The rapture, the passion....yum.  One essential element to a prostate orgasm is relaxation, and I knew this guy was always "going", as in, always thinking about something, and I've always gotten the impression that he had trouble relaxing, so, I started off the session with a long, slow massage, and that did the trick.

Saw someone else a few days ago that I've seen before, and I like seeing him because he's a corporal punishment guy.  I love everything that I do, but, it's nice to see someone who can really take a good, hard beating.  I giggle incessantly during those sessions.  I love letting the sadist in me out to play.

Another gent that I've seen before came over for some sounds play.  He'd never tried them, but he said he finally got up the nerve.  He laid on my bed, and I restrained his hands at the wrist, and got everything ready.  Cleaned his cock off with alcohol, and lubed everything up.  Then I slowly slid the first, tiniest sound in.  I don't like to move them back and forth too much, because I don't want his urethra to get irritated.  Then, I turned on the vibration, and I thought he was gonna cum right then.  I also took a vibe and rubbed the sensitive spot just underneath the head of his cock.  This went on for 2 more sounds, and I had a feeling he might be reaching his pleasure threshold.  So, I took my top gloves off, put on another pair, and slid a vibrating butt plug into his ass, and turned it on.  Then, I changed gloves again, and put it in the 4th sound, and then, turned the vibration on it.  So, he was buzzing from his ass and from his cock.  His moans were so intense that I thought he was gonna start crying.  It sounded like he was a little bit, in fact.  Just as I was lifting out the sound, when I only had about 3 more inches left in him, he said "I'm coming!" and did he ever!!  He writhed and flopped like a fish out of water, and came like, ounces.  Lots of ounces.  I turned off the plug, and pulled it out slowly, and undid his restraints, and he laid there for about 20 minutes before he drifted back down to earth and rejoined the land of the living.  I cleaned him off, and cuddled next to him for a bit before he felt steady enough to get in the shower.  Awesome.

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