Thursday, July 19, 2012

Bonding and Collaring

Originally posted 6-27-2010

I was honored to be invited to some friends Bonding & collaring ceremony last night.  It was so beautiful.  The master stripped down to her thong panties, and she had a line of 7 captive bead 14 guage hoop piercings put on her sides.  One group of seven up & down her rib cage, the next group of 7 from her hip down the side of her thighs.  She did this on both sides of her body.  Then, her slave did the same thing on her body, for a total of 28 piercings each.  The master then laid down on her back on the table, and her slave laid down on top of her, on her back.  SO, basically, they were both on their backs, stacked on top of each other.  Then, the guy who did the piercing took red and black ribbon and laced them together , using their piercings.  God, it was beautiful!!!  The energy in that room was SOOOOOOOOO intense.  I had to go outside at one point and simply cit down in the grass, close my eyes, and reconnect with the earth, so that all the energy I was absorbing had some place to go.
After they were unlaced, they went outside for the formal collaring part of the ceremony.  I cried, it was so sweet.

Some people brought gifts, including me.  In this lifestyle, it's almost a given that people will give pervertable stuff.  And, they did.  The happy couple got a new single-tail whip, a riding crop, a new flogger, etc.  I was the only one who went traditional, and I am very glad that I did.  Jesse and I went and picked out an 8 x 10 frame, and I had their names engraved on the bottom of it.  When they opened it, they both cried.   No one elses present made them cry, so I'm kinda proud that I didn't do the kinky toy thing.

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