Thursday, July 19, 2012

He liked me, he really liked me!!

Originally posted 10-19-2010

Just had a fabulous session with a gent that I saw for the first time on Saturday, and he couldn't wait to come back.  Standard issue session.  Bondage and prostate massage.  He's worked his way around to some of the other local kinky Goddesses, me being the most recent one he spent time with.  He said he couldn't wait to come back because I was the most sensual, the one who put him at ease the quickest, and the one who didn't make it feel like a transaction.  Oh, and that I give the best prostate massage he's ever felt, by a wide margin, hands down.

Haven't I been mentioning in my posts that I'm laid back?  Yes, I'm a Dominatrix.  It's part of my soul.  But, I also understand that there's a time and a place for letting that part of myself shine. When someone's nervous, and a little freaked out about getting naked in front of a stranger and letting her have her way with the most private areas of his body....that's NOT the time to have a bitchy attitude, big ego, or something to prove.   There's enough tension going on as it is.  So, until they tell me they want an Amazon Bitch on Wheels, I prefer to chill, and treat them as I would treat my boyfriend during a play session.  Keep it light, loving, sensual, sexy, and relaxing.  I mean, after fun, isn't one of these sessions supposed to be relaxing??  Another boy who sees me twice a week says my touch is "golden".  That's from years of doing energy work and Reiki.  I've always been told my told my touch is both hypnotic and healing, so, I made it my mission to expand on both.  One of these days, I'll get around to getting my license and make it official.
As for the best prostate massage around...well, haven't I also been saying in my posts that I've got almost 20 years of experience with ass play?  Strap-on is great, and I do truly love it, but, I won't claim to be the best at it .  Sorry, but...when I'm deep inside somebody, what gets me wet, and gets my rocks off the quickest is feeling someone's body clench around my fingers, and feeling the different stages the prostate goes through during the arousal phases.   Yes, I love bending someone over, and seeing them go to town on whatever cock I've strapped on.  Fun fun fun!!!  But, I can't feel the cocks I strap on, and sometimes I end up with a horrible case of penis envy.   However, I CAN feel my fingers, and for me, it's just way more intimate and personal to actually have a real, flesh-and-blood part of my body inside someone else's.  Probably sounds weird when I put it that way, know what I mean. There's nothing like the feel of someone's ass gripping my fingers, stretching to accomodate me, moving with me.  I can feel every wave of pleasure that washes over them.  I can even feel their fucking HEART BEAT.  And, when I'm playing with their cocks at the same time (and, during a prostate massage, I usually am), it's just out of this fucking world.

Wow. Ok.  Gonna go masturbate now.

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