Thursday, July 19, 2012

What I look for in a slave..

Originally posted 11-6-2010

Hmm.   A couple months ago, a young man contacted me, not for a session, but  because he wanted to be my slave.  Immediately, with not getting-to-know-you period, no warm-ups, or anything.  Something about him amused me, so I sent him an email asking him a couple of questions.  The most important was this:

"If I were to invite you over for the evening, and we had dinner, watched a movie, or basically had a vanilla evening, would you leave feeling glad that you hung out with me for awhile a nd enjoyed my company, or would you just be annoyed that you didn't get to play?"

His response was that he would be annoyed that he wouldn't get to play.  Ok.  I appreciate his honesty, thanks.  From the way he "requested" other thing of me, I could tell immediately that he was one of those do-me bottoms who doesn't give a thought to what his Domme/partner wants or needs.  And, I say "requested" because he sent me a list of things he wanted from me, while never once asking what I was into, or looking for in a slave.  When I replied to this, I thanked him for his time, and for the compliment of his interest, but, his wants and my wants don't mesh, and a slave for me, is the total package: submission, service, and companionship.  It's gotta be all 3, or it's a no-go.  I also  gave him a list of books to read that would help him explore his submission and hopefully teach him a few pointers on common courtesy and respect.  It ended politely, or so I thought.
Every day for a week after that, I would get incessant phone calls and text messages from him.  Saying things like "I don't know why you don't want me to come over and serve you."  Uhmm....maybe because your idea of serving me is for me to drop everything, tie you up, fuck you in the ass, and then jerk you off.  Among other things, all revolving around his dick.  Don't get me wrong, I love dicks.  Love the way they feel in my hands and pussy, love the way they taste, love getting fucked by them.  Can't live without  'em.   I'm just not interested in a dick-centric slave relationship.  I ignored the calls and texts for a week, until one night when I was in a bad mood and he sent one that pushed me over the edge: "Do you want me to come over now?"  I replied : "Are you fucking kidding me????"  So, his response was: "Fine. whatever. I'll leave you alone now."  I thanked him, and told him he was too selfish, and too creepy, and he needed to learn some manners. He started up again a couple nights ago, so I blocked his # and all texts get deleted automatically.

So, what do I look for in a slave?  Like I said, submission, service, and companionship.  I want to like you.  I want you to be smart, funny, confident, and willing to laugh at every possible opportunity.  I want to learn from you, so intelligence is a must. I want you to accept the fact that I'm tempermental, demanding, giving, care-taking, selfish at times, self-centered at times, and that sometimes I just want to hang out and enjoy your company.  I want you to be willing to go to a kinky party with me in a collar and leash and be willing to play in public.  I want you to be well-mannered, and polite enough that I don't have to worry about introducing you to my friends.  I want you to be single, or close to it, since I don't handle coming in 2nd very well.  Sometimes, I will want you to run an errand for me, or go with me somewhere.  Sometimes, in the middle of watching TV, I'll tell you to take off  your clothes and lay across my lap so that I can sensually spank you for my own amusement as I watch the television.  Sometimes, in a movie theatre, I'll want to reach over and slide my hand down your pants long enough to get you hard, and then stop.  And, I'll keep doing that throughout the movie just so you're frustrated and in a blue-balled tizzy when we leave.  Why?  Because it amuses me and I enjoy it. Because I can.

I'm holding the key for my boy's cb-3000 now.  He wasn't even in it a day when he was asking for "just a few minutes" out of it.  I laughed and told him no.  He asked before we snapped it on if he could have 1 more orgasm before he's in it.  I told him no.  I had sent him a text the night before telling him to get it out of his system before I came over the next day.  He said he thought I'd let him have one after I came over.  I told him that's not what I told him, and it's not my problem if he couldn't follow directions.  Then, the cage went on.  I'll take him out of it a couple times a week for cleaning, but, he was a daily jerker, so I'm gonna make him go a week without one this first time, extending the times as we continue.  This is so fun!!!!!  I can't wait to tell my readers about it in this blog....

Bye for now, kinky fuckers.

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