Thursday, July 19, 2012

I am SO lucky

Originally posted 5-27-2010

I finally got to sleep last night around 9pm, after being awake for like, 36hrs straight.  Ugh, I hate doing that.  Slept all the way thru til 9am today, except for a little stretch of time around midnight or so, when some Jackass-with-a-capital-J called my phone 7 times, wanting a session.  He left a message at one point, but...just...kept...calling.  And this author was too tired to reach over and turn her phone off until ring #7, when I finally turned the fucking thing off.    Goddess only  knows how many time he tried to call after that.  I know I bitch a lot in these blogs, but...come on!!  7 calls within 30 minutes in the middle of the night?  I know I'm worth begging for, but,  sometimes people just need to mind their manners.  I guess it just didn't occur to him to think "Hmmm.  This posting was placed early this morning, and it's after midnight now, I've already left a message,and she's just not answering.  I wonder if she's asleep?"  I don't mind calls through the night, as long as you call once, and leave it at that.  I'm almost never more than 6feet from my phone, so if I'm available, I'll answer.  If I don't, then just leave a message.  Is that so hard?


I'm so lucky.  I have the coolest regulars.  One of them, H, is wonderful.  If this Ma'am is feeling a bit too excited for her own good, all I have to do is send him a text "Bring your tongue over here" and he comes a-running.  And, he's the kind of person that I love hanging out afterwards and talking with.  I genuinely enjoy his company, and he's got the cutest smile and laugh.  He knows I love baseball, so he's able to get me awesome tickets for home games.  And, he's traveling to New York this week.  He knows bagels are one of my favorite munchies, so my boy is bringing me back bagels from New York.  How fucking sweet is that?????

Another one I adore is J, he's  from Louisianna.   Such a sweet, well-mannered man.  He was in town once and had me and my boyfriend over to his hotel for drinks and conversation.  He's smart, witty, intelligent, a musician, classy, and has such a wonderful perspective on things.  Also, incredibly submissive.  And he looks like a shorter Russell Crowe w/dark hair.   I love it when he's in town, and it sucks that he lives so far away, because I don't get to play with him as often as I want (but, if it were up to me, I'd play with all my favorites every day, so maybe I have a skewed perspective).

Anyway, I get to see J tonight, so I'm absolutely giddy with excitement.

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