Thursday, July 19, 2012

Tribute Negotiations (and it's not even 8am)

Originally posted on: 5-24-2010

Ok..I know it's only been less than an hour since my last blog, but I have to vent... I've had 5 calls in the past 45 minutes, 1 scheduled, 2 asked my availability and said they'd call back (what a pet peeve!) and the other 2 tried to negotiate tribute.  One of them tried the tired old line:  "Well, if you really like doing this as much as you say you do, you shouldn't charge for it.  That's fucked up."   I told him that what's fucked up is that I don't force anyone to call me, I don't force anyone pursue their fetish interests with me, and yet, I still have to put up with  assholes like him trying to back me into a corner and manipulate me into playing with him.  I then said that  I DO love it as much as I say I do, but the very reason HE probably has to peruse sights where women are paid for their time is because he's such a dick that no woman in her right mind would play with him for any other reason. He struck me as a total "do-me" bottom, completely unconcerned about anyone's satisfaction but his own.  Then, I told him to kiss the fattest part of my ass and hung up on him.

The other tribute negotiator simply asked what I could do for him for $37.  Yes, that's right.  $37.  I told him that for free I would laugh at him and hang up,which is exactly what I did.

I know the other luscious Dommes in the valley are having to put in their postings that tribute is not negotiable, so I know I'm not the only one who deals with this.

This for some reason reminded me of a "session" I had a couple months ago.  This nice-looking young man comes in, about 22-25yrs old.   He puts the tribute in my glass bowl, and proceeds to disrobe.  He had scheduled a 30-minute prostate massage.  I'm just snapping the gloves in place when he asks "So, there's going to be ass-licking involved, right?"  I looked at him with what I'm sure was a very puzzled expression, and responded with a very unintelligent sounding  "Huh?"  and he asks me again if their will be ass licking involved.  I thought about it for a second, and said "Are you asking me if  I'M going to lick YOUR ass???" and he nodded and said "Yeah."  Just to be sure I heard him correctly, I asked him the question again, and, just as I feared, he once again said yes, confirming the bad news that I had indeed, heard correctly the first time.  So, I asked him "What part of prostate massage makes you think of ass-licking?  Do you even know what prostate massage is?  Or, for that matter, WHERE your prostate is?" He said "Well, yeah, it's like, inside my  ass.  I don't want to do that, but I really like having my asshole licked. And, first, could we make out for a little bit? You've got sexy lips and I really want to kiss you."  I asked him if he read my posting all the way through, he said yes, I asked him if he remembers the part where it states that I am a Dominatrix, not an escort, and that I only cater to Kinky play and Fetish exploration.  He looked puzzled, but said, yeah, he remembers something like that, but didn't pay attention to it. I then asked him "What part of the word "Dominatrix" screams ass-licking and making out to you?"  He's starting to get pissed (surprise, surprise, so was I) I slowly took off my gloves, reached into the bowl and took out the tribute.  I gave it all back to him except for $20, and said "This is for my time that you wasted by not reading my posting thoroughly.  Now, get dressed, and leave."  He got all kinds of hissy pissy then.  Kept looking at the $20 bill in my hand and scowling.  Started giving me shit about how he drove all the way over to see me, blah blah blah.  He then asked me what exactly it was that I do.   I reiterated my basic list of most popular play requests.  So he says, "Well, maybe we can try that for a half hour." and the proceeds to walk over to the tip jar, and drop a $20 bill in it. I said  "Wait, are you trying to tell me that you're only willing to pay $40(because I still had the first 20 that I kept in my hand) out of the original 100 negotiated when this clusterfuck is your fault for not paying attention?  I don't get tribute for what I do, I get tribute for my time, and the longer you stand here being an idiot, the more of it you're wasting."  I tossed the 2nd 20 back over to him and said "I repeat, get the fuck out now."   He hesitated, then, he had the nerve to ask how big my tits are, and if he could at least see them since his time was wasted and I wouldn't give him all his money back.  I laughed at him and opened the door, and told him if he wasn't dressed and out of my sight within 30 seconds, I was going to start taking pics of him with my camera phone and post them all over backpage and craigslist and anywhere else I could think of.

He was gone within 20 seconds.  He didn't even have his shirt on when he left, and I think his underwear were in his pocket.  I was laughing hysterically, and really glad that none of my neighbors were home.

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