Thursday, July 19, 2012

Rattlesnakes & Guitars

Originally posted 6-28-2010 

I drove me and my roommate up to visit a friend of mine who owns a beautiful home on a hilltop in Carefree... When we raised our fists to knock on the door, I felt something moving on my almost-bare foot.  I bend down to see what it is, and I realize it's a BABY RATTLESNAKE.  Oh shit.   Now, how am I going to do foot worship sessions if my foot gets fucked up by a rattlesnake bite?????  We back up, and start looking around for others.  Didn't see any.  Ok.  I started calling my friend's name, and she answered, and I hollered that there was a rattlesnake on here welcome mat.  She pokes her head out the door, looks down and says "How about that! I was just out here a couple minutes ago, and that wasn't there!".  She opened another door, and we went in thru that one.  And, like the dumb ass I can be sometimes, I insisted upon taking a picture of that.  So, I opened the front door, and proceeded to take a picture of it up close with a camera phone.  Very cool.  At the bonding ceremony I went to last night, one of the ladies getting bonded owns a ball python.  So, I got to carry it around and let it slither over me for an hour or so.  Also very cool.  The universe is bringing snakes to me right now, and I'm trying to figure out why.

Now, I'm being the gift of seeing two musician/songwriter friends jamming like there's no tomorrow, and I'm the lucky one who gets to witness it.  Guitars and rattlesnakes.  What a very interesting and wonderful way to end the evening.

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