Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Story of a Douche bag

Originally posted 8-19-2010

So,  there was this bloke, who enjoyed booking appt's with us Lovely Ladies of Kink here in Phoenix and then not show up for them.  Finally about a month ago, he did as instructed, and paid a $50 deposit for a session with me via Green Dot Money Pak.  However, he also was trying to book with another LLK at the same time, giving her the same GDMP #.  The details are fuzzy in my mind, but he ended up sessioning with me, and from what I can remember, it was because the other LLK chose to step away from the situation.  I hope this is the way it happened, and if she is reading this, I hope she forgives me if I am wrong.  Anyway, he paid his deposit, and finally showed up.  So, I alerted the other LLK's so they would know he had proven he was serious.

He texts me today, booking an appointment.  Then for one reason after another, kept having to postpone the appt time.  In the meantime, a newbie to me, who had 3 verifiable references from local escorts (all of whom confirmed that he shows up when he books and is clean and respectful), called and wanted to book for about 45 minutes after one of the appt times that the first gent requested.  Since I had seen the first guy before, and he had proven himself before, I turned the newbie down.  It was to be a 90-minute session, which for me, amounts to about $240.  But, that's how I've always  worked, since I started this.  If you have seen me before, you get priority booking.

So, the last time I heard from the serial NS-er, he said he was 45 minutes away from me.  That was over 2hrs ago.  I alerted the other ladies AGAIN about his timewasting tendencies, and sent him a text message stating that the other ladies had been informed of his general douchebag-eriness(yes, I made up a word) and that from now on, any appt he makes will need to paid for in full at the time of the booking via Money Pak.  Including a HUGE no-show fee for me since he actualy cost me a lot of money today.

I blame myself for being naive and giving the benefit of the doubt too much.  But, that's how I am.  I don't search for the worst in people.  I don't think people are always out to fuck with me or screw me over.  I hope I stay that way, to be honest.  I wouldn't be the happy  Stormy that I am if I turn bitter and suspicious.  Occasionally angry (like I am right now) is ok, since it doesn't change who I am.

But, after all this time, it still puzzles and and amazes me how rude people can be.

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