Thursday, July 19, 2012

I love being me...

Originally posted 9-16-2010

What a night!!!  OMG.  I had my 2nd session with slave Kincaid, and he is just fabulous!!!  His kinks are: smoking fetish, pussy worship, GS, prostate, and strap on.  All very compatible with my own interests.

He arrives, and the fun begins.  He undresses to his panties, and I sit on my perch by the window and light my first cigarette.  He stands in front of me while I relax and run my hands over his chest, and cock, reaching back to caress his back and ass.  I take my long drags, and pull his face close to mine, our lips just barely touching, and he inhales the smoke that I exhale.  Sometimes, I just blow it in his general vicinity, whatever I feel like.  If I'm feeling evil, I'll touch the tiniest tip of the ciggie to the edge of his nipples.  Not enough to burn, or even leave a mark, but he's definitely feeling it.  Then, since I LOVE breast worship, I open my blouse (or whatever I'm wearing) and tell him to worship my breasts with his hands and mouth.  God, he's so good at that!  This goes on until this Mistress is getting good and wet, then it's time for him to use his mouth on other, wetter, pinker parts of my anatomy.  And, he's just as good with his mouth down there.  He's 2 for 2 on making me squirt, and he drinks every drop.  Tonight was his first strap-on session, and I took it easy on him.  First, just before I slid my cock in, I noticed his panties on the floor.  I giggled, and then picked them up and rubbed them on my still wet pussy, then stuffed them in his mouth to use as a gag.  So, he got to taste me while being fucked by me.  Yummy for him!!  The fucking went on for awhile, and I called a halt eventually because I didn't want his asshole hurting, or getting uncomfortable.  I knew he had a piss-drinking fantasy, so.....I got a glass, emptied my golden nectar into it, and made him jerk off for me while sipping from the glass.  HOT!  As per usual, every drop was gone by the time he finished.  The session was only scheduled for 1 hour, but..he's so fun that it stretched to almost 2 hours.  It's what I keep telling people: If I like you, and you're fun, with a great attitude, I DON'T WATCH THE CLOCK.  If things are going well, who knows how long I'll keep you there to play with me????????

After he left, I had a visit from my good friend Holly, and she had read my blog, and knew I needed a new strap-on harness, so she arrived bearing gifts!!  A brand new leather harness just for me!  How cool is that???

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