Thursday, July 19, 2012

A milestone in my sexuality

Originally posted on 9-3-2010

So, today's slow, with only 2  appointments scheduled for later this afternoon.  So, what does a red-blooded kinky girl do with lots of time on  her hands and an empty house to boot?  Masturbate, naturally.  Masturbate A LOT.

I find my thoughts drifting to some personal time spent with one of my favorite boys a couple of weeks ago.  Our natural chemistry is simply otherworldly.  I've been seeing him for about 2 years now, and he has a very special place, not only in my heart, but in my fantasies.  He was going down on me, and doing a very good job of it.  He's one of only two men who have ever made me quake and tremble when having my pussy licked.  I always enjoy that, but...sometimes, there's just a little something extra that a man brings to the table that causes me to absolutely lose control.  He was sucking on my clit, and I was SOOO wet!!!  Nothing new, but then he starts using his fingertips to massage my outer pussy lips while working on my clit...WOW.  Never had a guy do that before.  Running the pads of his thumbs up and down them, using my pussy juices as lube so that there wasn't any friction at all, just that awesome massage-y feeling.  I guess that this is the best way to compare how a guys feels during fellatio when a girl massages his balls while his cock is in her mouth.  No wonder they like that so much.  Anyway, this goes on for awhile, and I have long since given up hope of controlling my bodily motions, or the noises that are coming out of my mouth.  All there was in the world was me, him, and the way undiluted pleasure he was giving me.  So, then, since he knows me and knows my body,  he understands the signals he's getting.  He knows I'm getting close, so he slides two fingers up my pussy, right to my G-spot, and starts rubbing it really hard while working my clit just the way I like.  DAMN!!! I thought I was gonna buck him off the bed!!!  The sensations started building in a way that they never had before, and I knew this one was gonna be BIG.  And, the next thing I know, there is this absolutely riotous orgasm rocking through me, and halfway through it, I feel this hot wetness that I've never felt before, and I realized that I SQUIRTED.  I've NEVER squirted before.  It wasn't a copious amount, but it was such a MOMENT.  I can't even describe it.   My head was spinning, my knees were shaking, I couldn't move.  Believe me, I'm used to making other people feel this way, so being brought to my knees by a man was a very new experience for me.   But, I have such trust in him, and he's such a great guy that it doesn't surprise me that he was the one to take me to that place.  He's amazing.  I can't wait to see him again.

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