Thursday, July 19, 2012

hee hee.. never before published factoids about Stormy

Originally posted 9-5-2010

I was playing a game with some friends a few days ago, we had to tell everyone 3 things about ourserlves, 2 thruths, and a lie.  They had to figure out what to he lie was.  It got me thinking about all the little things about me that no one knows, and I wondered if my blog readers would find them as funny and surprising as my friends did.  Here's a list of them...and yes, they're all TRUE.

1) I grew up on horses, and used to ride in Little Britches rodeos(my family used to scream "You're not right!!!!!" when they'd see me playing with the lunging whips for hours on end).

2) My favorite color is red.

3) My great-grandmother ran around with the gangster Pretty Boy Floyd way back when.

4) I'm related to a country music legend.

5) I spent 11 years as a Financial Crime investigator, working with the FBI and Homeland Security helping track fraud rings.

6) One of my clients had a 1-hit wonder pop hit back in the 80's.

7) I used to tie my teddy bears up when I was little.

8) I was deathly afraid of chickens until I was 5 years old (no clue why)

9) I got mauled by a dog when I was about 3-4 years old, my face got torn to hell, as and flesh hanging off of it, lips absolutely shredded, almost lost an eye, and if you look closely, I still have facial scarring from it.

10) I was raised by my great-grandmother.

11) I was lazy, so when I as 12, my gran to mow the yard, and I didn't want to.  I walked down the way to my neighbors, and borrowed a bunch of his sheep and goats, and herded them into my backyard to graze.  Gran came home and told me never to bring sheep and goats into the yard again.  The next time she told me to mow the yard, I went to the same neighbors house, and borrowed 5 of his horses to come over and graze.  Hey, at least they weren't sheep and goats. Gran gave up after that.

12) I was obsessed with Donny and Marie when I was in pre-school.

13) Another grandma of mine was the spokesmodel for some name-brand vodka back in the early 60's.  She would pose in bodysuits and fishnet stockings.  Basically, she was the early equivalent of a Bud Light Girl today.  She was also a "bunny" at the Playboy Club.  That same grandma was asked by Sydney Poitier to come to Hollywood and work with him.  Alas, with my uncle and dad being just toddlers, she had to turn him down.

14) When I was taking aptitude tests in 3rd grade, I was scoring post-college graduate level in everything.

15) My IQ score qualifies me to be a MENSA member.

16) I was afraid of the dark until after high school.

17) I was 2 months shy of my 18th birthday when I lost my virginity. I waited for the right guy.

18) Sometime around kindergarten, I got on this kick of hiding at home from my family until they had to call the fire department. I'd sit in my hidey-hole and try to stifle my giggling while listening to everyone get madder and madder.

19) By all accounts of everyone who was around at the time, I was the happiest, calmest, snuggliest, sweetest baby they'd ever seen.

20) In high school, I went to algebra class stoned out of my mind one day.  The teacher was handing back tests we had taken earlier, and ripping us all new ones because no one scored well. She said she was tempted to line her birdcage with them rather than hand them back to us because that's all they were fit for.  She rambled more, and then doled out a huge assignment as punishment.  She asked if we had any questions, and me being higher than a kite, I had one.  I raised my hand, and asked "Do you really have a bird?"   Yeah, that was a detention day.  Damn, I just really wondered if she had a bird or not.

21) In 3rd grade, I was 5'6" and taller than my teacher.

22) I modeled for JC Penney when I was 8 years old.

23) As a result of the modeling, I was asked to be on Sesame Street as a regular.  My grandma didn't want to move to New York, so that was nipped in the bud.

I know...silly stuff, but very fond memories and stories for me.

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