Thursday, July 19, 2012

A very happy and relaxed Stormy

Originally posted 8-31-2010

Another new guy came by today.  Very nice guy.  He wanted  1/2 hour prostate massage session.  Ok.  Y'all know how good I am at that, so come on over!!  While preparing for the session, he gave me and another gorgeous local lady a truly fabulous compliment.  He said that the pics that Mis Fortunes and I use in our ads are the hottest, sexiest, most-jerkable pics he's ever seen.  Said we are two beautiful goddesses, and are just HOT.  Well, who can't be in a really great mood when they hear that???  I told him that Mis Fortunes is cool as hell, and he needs to give himself the gift of seeing her.  Soon.
The session was fun as all git-out.  He was another one who was enthusiastic, passionate, and completely uninhibited.  I love it when someone isn't afraid to get down and show me how much fun they're having.  I would say it was a typical prostate session, but anyone who's had one of mine knows there isn't anything typical about what I do.  So, all of you who have been lucky and smart enough to know what that means can get hard and plan for our next session, and those of you who haven't, can get hard and dream about it. Afterwards, Mr. Man told me that I was all that, and more fun than he could have ever expected.  He said my touch and my hands were "golden".  Yeah, my head's pretty swollen right about now.
On a different note, I got a call from a guy a couple nights ago who wanted to book.  I asked if he had ever seen anyone before, and he said he had, and told me who, on the condition that I not tell this other lady that he called me.  He said "I don't want her giving me attitude about seeing someone else."  He said she just wasn't his type.  I asked him what the problem was, and he said t"well, she's a little too heavyset for me."  At that, I  burst out laughing.  He asked what was so funny.  I said "Hon, if bigger women aren't your cup of tea, then you are SO barking up the wrong tree with me, cuz I'm a LOT bigger than that other lady."  He seemed surprised to hear this, and said my pictures don't give that impression.  Uhmmm...what part of my half-naked pics, and the description of "5'10", BBW" didn't he understand??  So, I called up a local goddess, and asked her opinion of my pics.  I try to portray myself exactly as I am, so no one has any surprises when I open the door.  If my pics are making me look smaller than I am, then I need to fix that, like, yesterday.  But, she said that no, my pics are fine, and if anything, some of them make me look bigger than I am.  Whew!!  I'm ok with that.  I'd rather someone be pleasantly surprised when they see me rather than disappointed.

So, anyway...this guy, after I reassured him several times that yes, I am a big woman, said  "Hmm.  Well, lemme think about it, and if I decide to try you out, can I call you later?"

TRY ME OUT????????????  I'm not a new software program or a new car, motherfucker.  I don't get "tried out".

Yeah, he blew it with me on that one.


  1. Comment originally left by "A friend indeed" on 9-1-2010:

    Alas, my dear Mistress Stormy…”Try you out” while not necessarily the best choice of words by the new customer, are completely fair and accurate of what any potential customer is thinking prior to making a purchase decision.

    You are a business woman..running a service business and a new customer is debating the visual image of the company’s lead brand (you) versus what benefits purchasing the service brings to him (your services).

    Don’t sweat the small stuff with customers. Next time some one is deciding whether or not to “try you out”, tell him coming to see you is akin to a visit to Baskin Robbins. All 57 flavors are available to savor on a hot summer day…

  2. jerry September 1, 2010 1:11 PM

    Big and beautiful , sweet and warm yea. Software no. Car no. Fine wine yea great in the beggining and great at the end. This guy made the biggest mistake of his life. He probibly doesn’t deserve your company anyway.

  3. StormyK September 1, 2010 10:03 PM

    @jerry: God, I love you!

  4. StormyK September 1, 2010 10:10 PM

    @ A friend indeed: While I respect, and even to an extent understand your opinion, there is one major thing that sets me apart from the typical business woman: I don’t think of the people who come to see me as customers. I don’t as see myself as running a service oriented business. That makes it too clinical for me, and too detached. One thing you will never hear about me from play partners is that I am clinical and detached. Yes, I get paid for my time. But, this is not just about the $$ for me. It’s about spending my time with someone that finds the same joy in me that I find in them. If I don’t like someone after a session, I don’t see them again. Period. If they are an ass, and thoughtless with their words on the phone, I don’t see them. Bringing the money issue up, yes, like I said, I get paid for this. What are they paying for? My time, of course, as well as many other things: my knowledge, my respect for safety, a sympathetic ear when they need to talk, marital/relationship advice(no, I’m not gent said the “spark” was gone from his marriage. I told him to quit spending money seeing me, and instead, buy some flowers, and book a hotel room and do something sweet and unexpected for his wife- I got an e-mail from him 3 months later thanking he was on vacation in Maui with his wife on their 2nd honeymoon), as well as other things such as the luxury of having someone to play with who understands them while not having to worry about me getting too attached, or disrupting their lives in any way. And, I also do things that one could consider sacrifice…I cant count the # of times when my phone hasn’t rung all day, but then as soon as my boyfriend and I buy our movie tickets, or order dinner, or arrive somewhere we’ve driven a long time to get phone rings. What do I do? I drop what I’m doing if necessary to accommodate the callers schedule. I knew this would happen going into this, and it’s a choice I made. My play partners in turn, have someone like me who is willing to re-arrange her plans to be there for them when they want her. If I were them, I’d think that was pretty fucking cool. Knowing that they mean enough to me that I’m willing to do that for them. But, at the same time, why should I do that for someone who’s insensitive and thoughtless and rude? My guys mean the world to me, and I will happily bend over backwards to be there when they are ready. As the commercials say “Membership has it’s privileges”. Yeah, and my boys get a lot of privileges and preferential treatment when they behave in such manners that they deserve it. And, most do. I’m very blessed to attract such caring, kind, smart, funny men to me.

    I guess my point with this comment(rant) was that sessions with me aren’t a “tryout”, and I will not let them be treated like one. See me once. If they like me, see me twice. And, if they must insist on referring to it as a “tryout”, they need to keep in mind that they are also trying out for me. And, they might not make the cut.

  5. Miss Fortunes September 3, 2010 5:42 AM

    I agree…Try Me OUT? Um…no, delivery is everything. Some have manners, and others do not. What we think and what we say, should be filtered!
    Perhaps we should write a Rights and Responsibilities Handbook Storm. LOL LOL LOL.

  6. Slave Kinkaid September 4, 2010 8:01 AM

    Stormy is out of this world delicious Im
    hooked on her liquid squirt and hope to
    see both soon, ty for a delightful experience.
    forever slut, Kinkaid