Thursday, July 19, 2012

Good Feelings

Originally posted 6-10-2010

Yesterday was for baseball and playing in the pool.  I soaked up the sun (and a few cancer cells by getting a bit burned) yesterday in my backyard, listening to my roommate play her guitar and sing for me the entire time.  Bliss.  Then last night, I went and watched my wonderful Diamondbacks triumph 2:1 over the Atlanta Braves.  I was with good friends at the game, and that made it even better.  I came home, relaxed with those same friends, and dug into the heavenly, homemade,  delicious ribs that my uncle made for dinner.  I went to bed early(for me, anyways) and slept through the night with my beloved dog Jezebel and 2 cats all curled next to me.  I slept through the night, and woke to Jez sharing my pillow.

What have I come away from this wonderful day with?  The knowledge that good friends make the world go round, nothing beats the feeling of beating the Braves, and reheated ribs are divine.

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