Thursday, July 19, 2012

I LOVE the haters!!

Originally posted 7-14-2010

I got a voice mail as a result of a blocked call, and it was a female voice that left the message.  All it said was:

"Lose the weight, you fat, frickin' cow! Fuckin' nasty!"

I laughed my BIG, FAT ASS off when I heard it.  I know who sent it.  It's someone's voice I have heard many times from a couple voice mails she has left people I know. It's another Mistress who advertises in the same places I do.  She has a history of threatening, insulting phone calls.  One of the times I heard her voice was when she threatened another new Mistress about a year ago.  Left her a voice mail, threatening to bring the cops down on her, etc.  Unfortunately, she scared the new gal so much that she pulled the plug on her Domme career.  Too bad, as she had potential.

All this tells me is that I am successful and known, and I might even cause a little jealousy here and there.  Imagine that!! All from simply staying in my own little corner of the world, not bothering anyone, doing what I do very well.   I'm beginning to feel important.  And, why shouldn't I? The very fact that someone went out of their way to hide behind a blocked # to insult me proves that they feel threatened enough to lash out, but is most likely fearing the consequences if I know who she is.

Know what I did today??  Had multiple sessions with clients who love me, and after that, soaked up the sun in my backyard, sipping on a margarita, while hanging out with someone that I absolutely adore.  And after that, I went to the salon and got a haircut, and then proceeded to shop and buy myself all kinds of things that I like to pamper myself with. EVERYONE should be lucky enough to live my life.

And the hater?  She can pucker up and kiss my big, round, nicely-tanned ass.

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