Thursday, July 19, 2012

Just thinking out loud this time...

Originally posted 7-16-2010

Nothing too new or exciting in my world.  Just up early today and sitting here with a headfull of random thoughts.  They are as follows:

1) It's nice that my # of 1-on-1 sessions hasn't gone down since I started sessioning with slave rachel. Still keeping busy, with, and without her.  Nice ego boost.

2) I hope the other ladies are well, happy and healthy.  I wish I could see them more than I do.

3) I hope the clouds don't block the sun all day. I want to lay out for awhile and work on my tan.

4) I really want some chocolate. Is there any in the cupboards?

5) Where is my dog?? Did she fall asleep in my roommate's room again?

6) The color I dyed my hair came out darker than I hoped, but I kinda like it.  And, I like the new "pin-up girl" bangs that I asked for from my stylist.

7) Should I get my nails done again today? Nah, they get in the way too much during prostate massages.

8 ) I hope the cap on the BP oil leak holds...I can't stand the thought of the damage to the environment that fiasco caused. I hope the planet can recover.

9) Mel Gibson sounds like a fucking asshole.  Oh well.  He was still pretty cute in "Maverick".

10) How long am I going to have to wait for Season 3 of "True Blood" to come out on dvd?

11) Should I go  to the Goth/Kink party tomorrow that I was invited to? Uhmm...gotta percolate on that one.

12) I hope I get to beat and fuck some asses today. I'm feeling kinda horny.  Strange.  I don't usually wake up horny.  Hmm.

13) (as I look out the window) The clouds look really pretty today. Maybe I'll go sit outside and watch them for a bit.

14) One of my roommates snores really loudly.

15) Time to go do my daily meditations and visualizations.

Hugs, spanks, and various other kinks to all my readers.
Mistress Stormy

****** 16) I wonder how many people read this thing.  Wish more readers would comment.

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