Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lazy Weekend

Originally posted 8-8-2010

Let's see...I woke up yesterday to the phone ringing.  A new guy wanted to schedule a 1/2 hour prostate massage and possible strap-on.  He showed up on time, and it was a blast!!!  Now, some guys are pretty stoic when I'm playing with them.   That's just how they are.  And, as long as I know they're enjoying it, I'm fine with it.  But, the ones who move, and writhe, and moan, and they're hips are thrusting.....THOSE are the guys who get my pussy wet.   And this guy delivered!  God, he was so fun!!.  And he took my cock like a true slut.  What a great way to start the day!

Yesterday afternoon, I drove up to Camp Verde to visit a family member at her ranch.  Since it was so cloudy, the drive up was easy and relaxing.  We got to the ranch, and everything up there was damp, rainy, and best of all: GREEN.  I walked all over the ranch with my dog, who got to see horses and cows for the first time.  I was walking her into the horse paddock when she saw the first horse.  If a dog could do Fred Flintstone breaks, she did.  I could almost hear her thoughts: "Holy Shit! That's the biggest dog I've ever seen!"  The horses came right over, oh-so-curious about her.  Poor thing.  She was so scared.  The cows made her just as nervous.  A family member went with me, and he brought his own little dog, too.  And, the horses were fascinated by him.  One of them even started chasing him to get a better look.  It was the funniest thing I've seen in a long time.  After that, we ordered pizza, and while we were waiting for it, I sat on the back porch and just enjoyed the night.  The river borders the back of the property, and it was dark, so for the first time, I got to see fireflies.  Very cool.   I was absolutely fascinated by them.  I sat on the porch for about an hour, just relaxing in the peaceful solitude.   Definitely got my batteries recharged.

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