Thursday, July 19, 2012

Some lurid details of an awesome session

Originally posted 8-10-2010

It started out when "Toy" arrived.   Toy was awesome, in every sense.  Attractive, resepectful, clean, fun.  He said he'd had experience before with Dommes, and he didn't disappoint.  He followed my instructions to the letter, which is always nice.  He said he wanted to start by giving me a massage, so for a few minutes, I was able to relax and just let his fingers work their magic.  He's read this blog and my postings enough to know that I LOVE breast worship, so the massage moved on to that.  God, I could let someone do that for hours.  From there, it progressed to me spanking him across my lap.  I made sure that his cock was stuck right between my thighs, to ensure maximum stimulation.  From there, with Toy still across my lap, I reached over for my gloves, and lube, and the spanking moved into a Prostate massage.  Long, and slow, and sensual.  He was another guy who was very passionate, and enthusiastic.  His heavy breathing, moaning, compliments and "Thank you's" showed me how much he was enjoying it.  My wet pussy showed ME how much I was.   Using a technique I perfected during a session with Rachel not long ago, I wrapped ropes around me, and then around his head, so his face was then tied to my pussy.  Heaven!  He enjoyed it so much that even after I untied his head, he didn't want to move.  I finally told him if he didn't move, I wasn't gonna let him leave.  He said that he'd be ok with that.  :)   So, I finally told him I wanted to "train" him. And, then, I got my harness, and my biggest dildo, and proceeded to give him a good hard fucking.  He stood on his knees for me so that I could give him a reach-around for awhile while I owned his ass.  And, my naked tits were pressed against his back while this was going on.  I bent him forward again after a few minutes, and he even reached back, grabbed my thighs, and pulled me in deeper.  I love it!  He rolled over on to his back, and I fucked him like that for awhile, with his ankles on my shoulders.  When he finally came, he came buckets.  God, what a good time!!

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