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Originally posted 6-3-2010

I know, dear's been too long since I've posted.  There wasn't a whole lot to write about, fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it.    I'm of the mind that no news is good news, so I'm happy to say that everything is well and peaceful in my little corner of the world.
Yesterday was Ms Noir's birthday, and I hope it was absolutely wonderful for her. :)
Those of you in the know know that I recently adopted a dog from the Arizona Animal Welfare League.  I named her Jezebel, and she's a german shepherd mix (I think she's mixed w/greyhound) and for the past month, it's been such joy to have her around.  She's sweet, and fun, and goofy, and well-mannered, and so completely affectionate and cuddly.  I'm having a total love affair with my baby girl, and she makes me immeasurably happy.  I have pictures of her on my FaceBook page (if you have facebook, search for "Lady Storm".  Friend me if you like.  I'll accept!!) if you want to check her out.  I also adopted a cat named Patches from the same shelter a couple of weeks before I adopted Jez.  She's also an amazing creature.  I lucked out BIGTIME with these two furry angels.

Another time waster story....

There's a young man who's made the rounds of the local Domme's.  He's nice enough.  Young, cute, very enthusiastic and passionate.  He's also a time waster 70% of the time, and a tribute negotiator from hell.  We'll call him "D".  I've seen D many times over the past couple of years, both incall and outcall.  One of his standard MO's  is to text message you until you're blue in the face, and then, tell you he's too tired to see you because it's gotten late.  Or, you'll finally settle on a tribute amount (many times it's half the normal rate), and then, as you're arriving at his house, he'll call or text you and tell you he only has half of it.  Or, he'll cancel completely.   Or,if he's arranged to come to you, he'll call right around the time he's about to show, and say he'll be another 20 minutes.  Then he'll call in 15 minutes, and say he's tired, and it's later than he thought, and can we do this tomorrow?  I have many different, yet still somewhat similar examples of this type of behavior from him.   His phone # changes from day to day (seriously, I think I've had at least 15 contact #'s for him-I don't even keep them anymore), and last I heard, he worked for a cell phone company, so that might have something to do with it.  Anyway, what he usually does is text message a lady, reminding her of who he is, and asks to make an appointment.  I ignore him now.  He spread a couple distasteful rumors about me awhile back, and that was the last straw for me.  So...he starts texting my roommate last evening, who is also a local Mistress, and mentions that he's seen me.   I told her ALL about him.  She has no patience for such games, and when he tried to haggle, she quoted him her outcall rate and said "$---, or piss off".  He responded "You don't even act like you want to see me!"  she told him he has a bad rep with the local ladies, and isn't playing his game.  He denied it, and said he was a great guy, a straight shooter, etc.  Anyway, since he lives just around the corner from us, later in the evening, she agreed to an outcall, without the extra outcall fee.  She changed her evenings plans to accommodate this.  Sure enough, not too long after agreeing to this, he contacts her and  says "I didn't realize how late it was, I don't think I can play tonight.  But, if it were only like, $100, I'd definitely be up for it."   Too tired unless he can get away wasting her time AND playing at bargain basement prices for an hour.  I was one great big loud "I TOLD YOU SO!"  Obviously, she didn't go see him.  If she had, he'd have probably said "Oh, I only have $40" when she got there.

I don't think D is doing this with malicious intent, I think he's just trying to get something for (close to) nothing.  But, this is one of the reasons many of us don't like texting with clients.  It's too easy to get caught up in a text war, and it's just frustrating.

I can't speak for the rest of us fabulous ones, but...I sometimes don't mind reducing tribute if you have at least most of the following attributes:

1) Respectful & Considerate (this includes punctuality, enough notice, minimum # of cancellations, absolutely NO no-shows, happily willing to grab me a Diet Pepsi or Starbucks on the way to my house, etc)

2) Scrupulously clean.  Always.

3) Fun to session with.

4) Have a great sense of humor

5) Want to session on a regular basis

And, sometimes, if I like you and I'm bored, you might get a text from me asking if you want to come over and play for awhile.  Off the clock.  Or, if we're having a great time during session, I won't even look at the time, and the paid half hour or hour session sometimes goes a LONG time after that.   And if you're intelligent, funny, charming and kind...I LOVE sitting with you afterwards and talking for a long time.  I know, talking isn't part of the session, but I've known SO many pro's over the years who have the rule that as soon as the session is over, you get your things and get out, or if you want to stay, you pay for more time.  That is SO not my style.  I don't like things to be cold, and hard and clinical (unless that's the kind of session you want, in which case, I'm only too happy to bring on the Amazon Bitch from Hell persona!).

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