Thursday, July 19, 2012

The definition of Awesome...

Originally posted 6-23-2010 when my phone rings a little earlier than usual, and there's a sexy male voice on the other end of the line, asking if he can schedule a prostate play session.  Foggy-brained and bleary-eyed, I  agree to a session in approximately 45-60minutes.  I stumble through getting dressed, brushing hair & teeth, putting on make-up.  I sit down in the playroom to read a book (if I planned on staying awake, I'd drink coffee, but I'm going straight back to the Land of Nod after the session).  I'm having trouble keeping my eyes open when he calls, saying he's here.  I rise to let him in the door, and this, dear readers, is where I tell you today's definition of awesome here in Stormyland.....

A hot young guy walks in, and  follows the directions I have given him on the phone to the letter.  He gets undressed, and he's got a body that just screams "Touch me!" .   A gorgeous V-shaped torso,  hard-as-a-rock triceps, and the kind of trapezoids that get my panties in a bunch, well-defined shoulders and backs are my weakness on men-that, and height). I swear, I think you could bounce a quarter off any part of his body.  And, the best part, he's got THAT look in his eye.  That kind of fogged-over-with-passion-and-desire-but-still-focusing-completely-on-me-and-never-looking-away look.  THAT look.  As it turns out, he's passionate, vocal, sensual, and completely willing to give himself over to the sensations in his body that I'm creating.  Oh, and did I mention that he's hung???  With a beautiful upward curve to it, just perfect for hitting G-spots in Missionary position.  Hey, just because I don't fuck them doesn't mean I can't admire them, and fantasize now, does it???

His booty needed to take a break, and I had noticed him eyeing my cleavage throughout most of the session.  I love having my breasts played with and worshiped, so I was only too happy to lower dress and set those 44E's free.  He was on them quicker than you could imagine, and here's another thing that really scored him some points with me: My dress was a mini-dress, and the hem rode up, and he thought my Batman panties were adorable.  And, they weren't actually panties.  They were men's Batman underwear, complete with a yahoo-hole in the front and everything.  I told him I like to keep things whimsical, and remind myself not to take things (including and especially myself) too seriously in this life.   He laughed and said that was totally cool, and his enthusiasm & exuberance never wained.  We finished the session, him feeling very good and relaxed and me feeling.....horny.

As soon as I finish this last sentence, I'm going to go take off all my clothes, and masturbate while thinking of the guy I just got to play with, and afterwards, I'll probably drift back to sleep for an hour our two, thinking about what a lucky girl I am.

And, that, my friends, is awesome, too..

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